Based in Paris, Anna Muller (1981) grew up in the countryside of the former Soviet Union and came of age as an artist in Japan.  

Soviet visual codes and minimalist aesthetics of Japanese art gave Anna a unique background that shows up in her work.

At the age of 30, Anna left Japan for Paris, where she also received a masters degree in photography from SPEOS International Photography School. 

In 2021, she became a finalist in the photography competition at the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories, Hyères, at the Villa Noailles. Without strictly separating the worlds of fashion and art, she feels at home and moves effortlessly within and across both spaces.

In her collage work, Anna has a preference for images that seem to spring from a dream. She explores the concept of image-making in an age of mass-produced images, startling with unexpected combinations and inviting the viewer to consider what constitutes contemplative production.

Her insights are surprising, humorous, colourful, and thought-provoking, providing an inspiring antidote in the world if image overload. 

There is a noticeable connection in her work to surrealism. She explored this connection further during her art residency in 2023 at the In Cadaqués Festival, delving deeper during her time there into the work and life of Salvador Dalí.

2023 UNSEEN Amsterdam, Collaboration with Paul Cupido, Bildhalle Gallery
2023 Art Residence InCadaqués Festival, Cadaques, Spain
2022 Solo collage exhibition, InCadaques Photo Festival, Cadaqués, Spain
2022 Doublesense, Solo collage exhibition, MAP Photo Festival, Toulouse, France
2021 Finalist of Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories Hyeres, Villa Noailles  
2019 Fotofever Art Fair, STP Gallery, Paris, France
2019 French Romanticism, Collective exhibition, STP Gallery, Greifswald, Germany
2018 Natural Color, Fotofever Art Fair, STP Gallery, Paris, France
2018 Doublespeak, BYO Paper, Arles, France
2018 Mirage, Collective exhibition “Jeunes artistes émergents”, Galerie Akié Arichi, Paris, France
2017 Unexpected, Collective photo exhibition, Paris, France
2016 Self-portraits in the forest, Solo collage exhibition, LIFT gallery, Izhevsk, Russia
2016 Photo-Roman, Collective photo exhibition, Havas Gallery, Arles, France
2016 Natural Color, Solo photo exhibition, JK Holdings Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Little Dreamy Portraits, Personal collage exhibition, Speos Gallery, Paris, France
2015 Little Dreamy Portraits, Personal collage exhibition, Art for Thought Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2013 Foire Internationale à la Photo Prix de la Créativité
2013 International Fine Art Competition Grand Prix de la Decouverte